Abecedarian Stories

Prompt: Write a story in of 26 words in whch each word begins with a different letter of the alphabet. The first word can start with any letter but the subsequent words should follow the abecedarian order.

Quality rabbits smogged together under venus winds x-tremely yeast zombies abduct bionic cats defecating elephants. Friendly ghosts hit innocent jaguars, kilts, lemons, monkeys nuke orphaned potatoes.


A building crumbles down. Evening fires graze hills. I just know leaving might not operate properly, Queens readily stand tall, unknowingly volunteering while x-rays yeam zealously.


Ash bellows, concentrated darkly everywhere. Forests grey, hidden in jungles knotted. Lamented monsters nudge on, pacing quietly round smoggy trees, under violent winds. Xylophone yells zero.


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